Hashtag City was started by musician and freelance journalist, Eddie Fleisher a.k.a. Johnny La Rock. Fleisher has been involved in the music scene in Cleveland for years, playing in bands like Presque Vu and Johnny La Rock & Furface. His writing work has appeared in local and national publications like Cleveland Scene, Cellar Door, Wax Poetics, Alternative Press, and DJ Tech Tools. He is also a synopsis writer for the Cleveland International Film Fest. Fleisher is HC’s host and lead correspondent. He also records, edits, and produces the show.


Also contributing is actor and writer, Benjamin Gregg, who serves as the show’s announcer and theatre/culture correspondent. He has performed in productions for Cleveland Public Theatre, Convergence Continuum, and Talespinner Children’s Theatre, to name just a few.


Candice Mascarenas contributes as an art correspondent. She also runs Artery Arsenal, an online boutique that offers an eclectic mix of jewelry, handmade home décor, and her own original art.


The show is mastered by Adam Boose, owner of Cauliflower Audio. He provides additional audio technical assistance, as well. Adam is also the drummer for indie rock duo, Golden Streets of Paradise.


Video content for HC’s website is filmed and produced by Bryan Mravec. He is also a photographer, theater technician, and production director, who works with Le Femme Mystique Burlesque and Highland High School’s theatre and music department.

Music heard in the background and between segments is provided by Johnny La Rock & Furface.


“Furface” is Vinnie Furman, who, in addition to making music, is also a web designer and graphic artist